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  • "I don't experience any apprehension when having a procedure done at King dental. I am acutely aware that my comfort is of utmost importance to the entire staff. Dr. King goes above and beyond to make sure I get the quality care I deserve. I feel fortunate to have found a place of such professionalism with the added bonus of such a caring staff. Thank you." -Deborah K.

  • "Dr. King and his assistant were excellent during my treatment.
    I didn't feel pain or discomfort. That is huge!!! Thanks!!!"-Michelle K.

  • "The staff and Dr. King are patient and informative. They answered all of my questions to my satisfaction.
    I would definitely recommend Dr. King to friends because he is already our family dentist. -Kate P.

  • "Dr. King is a great dentist, he has the utmost attention to detail and wants to get the work done
    absolutely right the first time. His staff is super helpful and friendly. I would recommend his office to anyone that asks! His a chair side manner is professional and courteous,
    and the follow up phones calls are great." -John S.


Are You Hesitant to Choose Dentures? You Might Be Surprised...

Dentures in Huntsville | King Dental
If you are missing several or perhaps all of your teeth, you might have thought about dentures to replace them. Full and partial dentures have been replacing missing teeth for patients for many years.But perhaps the thought of dentures is not appealing. You may have a vision in your mind about an old-fashioned denture soaking in a glass at the bedside of your grandparents.If you take some time to learn about today’s modern dentures, however, you might just be surprised at how many advantages they offer. Talk to your Huntsville, AL dentist Dr. David King about dentures—and you just might start feeling pretty good about them.Today’s Modern Dentures Are ...

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Pinhole Gum Rejuvenation: Eliminate the Problem of Gum Recession

pinhole gum rejuvenation huntsville al
If you are suffering from gum disease or other oral infections and your gums have receded as a result, the pinhole gum rejuvenation technique might be right for you. This state-of-the-art technique is minimally invasive and leaves no scarring. Patients also enjoy few post-operative side effects.Talk to Dr. David King about the Chao Pinhole Surgical Technique and find out if it might be right for you. Pinhole gum rejuvenation with your Huntsville, AL dentist is a great way to improve your gum health without a scalpel, sutures, or grafts. Call today!The Problem with Gum RecessionMany people might be concerned about how gum recession has affected the esthetics of their ...

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Do You Need an Extraction? These Signs Could Point to Yes

 tooth extraction huntsville al | dentist huntsville
Most dentists will go to great lengths to save a tooth from the point of extraction, but the reality is that sometimes pulling a tooth is the best option.Even patients who take good care of their teeth might need an extraction.There are a number of situations that point to the need to have a tooth pulled. Read on to see if one of these is a reason to visit your Huntsville dentist to find out more about tooth extractions.Wisdom Teeth ExtractionsWisdom teeth are the final set of molars to come in—also called the third molars—and they usually do so around the ages of 16 to 27.For some people, they ...

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How to Choose Your Family’s Dentist

family dentist huntsville al
If you are looking for a dentist for your family, you could simply do a quick Google search and have dozens of potential dentists at your fingertips. But if you are like most people, you are looking for a dentist who will be a part of your family’s health care plan for years to come. You are looking for a dentist you can trust to take an active role in your family’s overall wellness.How can you make sure you find the right dentist in Huntsville for your family? Here are some tips:Ask Friends and Family about Their DentistFind out what dentist your friends and colleagues visit. Ask questions, and ...

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What Exactly Does

endodontics huntsville al
Sometimes it feels like you need to go to dental school just to understand all of the complex language use in this profession. At King Dental, we welcome your questions and look forward to demystifying dental lingo so that you have a better grasp on your treatment and what it means.What Is Endodontics?The Greeks gave us many of the definitions used in dentistry and medicine today. The Greek word “endo” means inside and “odont” means tooth. In English, it means you need root canal evaluation to determine if you have an infection inside your tooth’s canal that houses your nerve. Typically, the first signs that something is wrong include swelling ...

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3 Ways Porcelain Veneers Increase Your Confidence

veneers huntsville al | cosmetic dentistry huntsville
People often have strong feelings about their smiles; either they love the way they look and feel or they wish they could improve some aspect of their appearance. When you think about it, this makes perfect sense because your smile is a big part of your identity and plays a role in every first impression you make.One of the cosmetic dentistry options that patients choose most frequently in our Huntsville, AL dental office is porcelain veneers. Porcelain veneers are an extremely versatile cosmetic dental treatment that can address a wide variety of esthetic concerns.What Porcelain Veneers Can Fix:Irregular spacing between teeth (gaps)An off-center midlineWorn, short, or chipped teethDark tooth ...

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Planning a Consultation? Here's What to Expect

cosmetic dentist huntsville al
If you’re not happy with your smile because of overlapping teeth, gaps between your teeth, or the way they line up, thoughts of shiny braces might keep you from taking the next step toward a straight smile.As an alternative, we offer Invisalign in our Huntsville, AL dental office, which straightens teeth without the need for unsightly brackets and wires. Dr. David King can determine if Invisalign is right for you after a simple exam and consultation.What to Expect at Your Dental ExamBefore beginning any dental treatment, it is necessary to have a full dental exam. This is an essential step in the treatment planning process for a number of ...

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