5 Impressive Benefits of Dental Implants

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If you are missing one or more teeth, you may have heard about dental implants and wondered if they provide more benefits than dentures or dental bridges. You will probably be glad to know that dental implants provide a wide variety of benefits.

Dental implants replace the roots of your teeth; topped with a dental crown, dental implants create very realistic looking teeth that function as well as real teeth. Dental implants feature a metal rod insert into your jaw bone. In time, this metal rod fuses with your jawbone to create a sturdy foundation for the dental crown. While dental implants require several trips to your dentist for placement, they can create smiles that last a lifetime. Dental implants cost a little more to have put in, but will last a lifetime.

Are dental implants painful?

The procedure to have the metal rod implanted into your jaw can be uncomfortable, but your dentist will administer local anesthesia to reduce discomfort.

The dentists at King Dental are the leaders in dental implants in Huntsville, Alabama. Here is what you need to know about the benefits of dental implants.

5 Jaw-dropping Benefits of Dental Implants

1. Maintains bone strength

Your natural teeth do more than just help you eat food and have a dazzling smile – your teeth also keep your jaw bone strong. Biting and chewing exerts quite a bit of force on your teeth, and this force travels down through the tooth into the root that holds the tooth in your jaw. The force of chewing then travels through the root into your jaw, where it stimulates a process known as bone remodeling. In this process, your jaw bone breaks down old tissue and rebuilds new tissue, which keeps your jawbone strong to hold onto your teeth securely.

When you lose one or more teeth, you also lose the beneficial pressure that stimulates bone remodeling. Over time, the affected area of your jaw loses bone strength and bone density along with its ability to hold onto your teeth; this puts nearby teeth at risk of falling out.

Because they work as artificial tooth roots, dental implants are like real teeth in that the forces of biting and chewing transfer down to your jawbone to stimulate bone remodeling.

2. Protects oral health

Because it is wet, warm and dark, the mouth is the perfect breeding ground for many types of bacteria. When you lose a tooth, it leaves an exposed area of gum open – chewing food can introduce bacteria into the exposed gum. What’s more, the gum disease that caused you to lose your tooth can increase your risk for infection.

3. Makes oral hygiene easier

Brushing dentures and dental bridges is inconvenient. Cleaning dentures requires special brushes, cups, and soaking solutions in addition to the regular brushes and floss used to clean the rest of your natural teeth. Dental bridges attach to the two teeth on either side of the missing tooth – cleaning dental bridges requires the use of a floss threader and special technique to clean beneath the bridge.

Cleaning a dental implant is like cleaning your natural teeth: simply brush and floss as you normally do. Regular brushing and flossing improve your oral hygiene and reduces your risk for tooth decay, gum disease, and further tooth loss.

All types of dental implants, including dental implants all on 4 are even easier to take care of. These dental implants replace all your upper or lower teeth, and all the replacement crowns sit on four dental implants. Simply brush your teeth as usual.

4. Leads to better nutrition

Having one or more missing teeth makes it hard to eat fresh fruits and vegetables, so if you have lost teeth, you may be not getting the important nutrients you need from food. Some of these foods, especially popcorn, corn on the cob, raw carrot sticks, apples and nuts, can damage or even break your dentures and dental bridges.

While you should avoid crunchy or sticky foods immediately after receiving your dental implant, you can start introducing these healthy foods back into your diet within a couple of weeks. Speak to your dentist to find out when you can start enjoying crunchy, nutritious food again.

5. Improves your smile

There is nothing quite like dental implants to improve your smile! Missing teeth can ruin the cosmetic appeal of your smile, and poorly fitting dentures can slip and slide when you talk, smile, or laugh. What’s more, dental implants look and feel just like your real teeth – except better! You may even smile brighter and more often.

Where can I find dental implants near me?

For more information about the impressive benefits of dental implants in Huntsville, consult with the dental professionals at King Dental, where we marry modern technology with strong technology. We offer all dental implants types.