Bridging The Gap Between Missing Teeth

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Are you looking for solutions for one or multiple missing teeth, but you're not sure about dental implants? The good news is that another excellent option for restoring one or more missing teeth is a dental bridge in Huntsville.

How a Dental Bridge Can Restore Your Smile

A dental bridge relies on crowns that anchor to healthy teeth and support one or more prosthetic teeth that fill the gap in between. A ceramic porcelain bridge not only restores function to your smile but also its aesthetics. Your bridge is customized to match your teeth for a flawless finish.

Making the Most of Your Dental Bridge

A dental bridge can provide excellent longevity and last for many years with an excellent home care routine and regular dental checkups with your Huntsville dentist. Daily brushing and flossing protect your anchor teeth and help to maintain your dental bridge.

Implant-Supported Bridges

For extra stability, support, and longevity, dental implants can also anchor a dental bridge. In this case, implants would act as the anchors supporting the prosthetic teeth and filling in the gaps. Implants also promote bone health because they act like tooth roots, which gives your bridge extended longevity.

Discuss Your Options With Dr. King at our Huntsville Dentist Office

It's nice to have options for your smile, and even better, to have guidance to help you make the right choice for your lifestyle and budget. If you're considering tooth replacement solutions for your smile, Dr. David King would love to talk with you.

Dr. King has extensive experience in helping patients achieve their smile goals, and he even offers comprehensive implant dentistry from start to finish at our Huntsville dental office.

Whether it's tooth implants or dental bridges in Huntsville, AL that you choose for your smile, an evaluation with Dr. King is the first place to start. Contact King Dental today at (256) 880-1884 to schedule your evaluation.

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