Dental Extraction Aftercare Tips

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Having a tooth extraction doesn't have to be as stressful as you might think it is, especially when you know how to take care of yourself afterward. Following certain guidelines for tooth extraction aftercare can help you have a smooth, pain-free recovery and get you back to your normal routine in no time. Here's what you should know. 

What to Do the Day of Your Tooth Extraction

After your Huntsville dentist completes your tooth extraction, you'll want to plan to rest for the remainder of the day.

You'll leave our dental office with gauze covering the socket to promote blood clotting. You'll want to change the gauze out as needed and leave it in place for about three to four hours after your surgery.

You may also apply ice to the side of your face in ten-minute intervals to help ease pain and swelling after your surgery.

Stick to lukewarm soup or soft foods after surgery, and use your painkillers as needed. Avoid rinsing, drinking through a straw, or smoking for at least 24 hours after your surgery to help promote clotting.

Over the Next Few Days

Once it's been 24 hours after your surgery, you can begin to use warm salt water rinses periodically. For example, use eight ounces of hot water combined with a half teaspoon of salt.

You can also resume brushing and flossing your teeth, carefully avoiding the extraction site.

Continue eating soft foods until your socket has had more time to heal. Most patients recover over a period of a few days; however, it can take up to two weeks to heal fully from a tooth extraction.

Don't hesitate to contact King Dental if you notice the following issues occurring during your recovery:

  • Excessive discharge from your extraction site
  • Fever
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Chest pain or difficulty breathing
  • Excessive redness or swelling

If you need a tooth extraction in Huntsville, AL, your team at King Dental is here to guide you through the process from the start of your procedure to your recovery.

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