Can Dental Implants Improve Your Confidence?

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If you are living with a failing or compromised tooth, it takes a toll on your daily life. Eating becomes a challenge as you navigate new ways to chew your food. Interacting with other people can also feel embarrassing as you worry about whether or not they notice your tooth.

Removing your tooth is sometimes the only way to protect your oral health and the vitality of your neighboring teeth. If that time has come for your tooth, a dental implant in Huntsville, AL is an excellent way to replace your tooth and restore your confidence.

What Is a Dental Implant?

A dental implant utilizes three essential parts to restore your tooth:

  • A titanium post – this is the implant itself
  • An abutment - to attach the crown and implant
  • A porcelain crown – designed to mimic your natural tooth closely

The titanium post is biocompatible, which means that it will integrate naturally with your jawbone and act as a stable support for your tooth, just as your root did. Your new tooth is designed to naturally complete your smile, while also providing all the function you lost.

What If I Don’t Replace My Tooth?

Even if it’s not visible at the back of your mouth, a missing tooth significantly impacts your oral health in ways you might not have realized.

When your bone doesn’t have a root to support it begins to deteriorate, which can alter the appearance of your face and reduce support for neighboring teeth.

If you don’t replace your tooth, it causes your other teeth to tilt and shift into the open space. Movement of your teeth causes concern for bite misalignment and jaw joint issues.

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