What You Can Expect During Root Canal Treatment

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Hearing that you need root canal treatment is not anyone's favorite news. You might have even heard some horror stories about root canals in the past.

The good news is that modern dentistry has made many advances when it comes to root canal treatment, and it's neither painful nor scary. In fact, it's a quick and efficient way to preserve your natural tooth and eliminate a dental infection. Here's what you should know.

Does It Hurt?

Root canals are often associated with pain because of the infection inside your tooth. Dental infections are excruciating and can even keep you up at night. However, root canal treatment is a procedure that removes not only the diseased tissue inside your tooth, but also your infection.

Your Huntsville dentist uses the best dental anesthetics to numb your tooth and the area around it before your procedure. As a bonus, the anesthetic also provides you relief from your pain.

Next, your dentist carefully removes the diseased tissue and seals your tooth with a temporary filling. Now your tooth will have time to heal.

The next step is to return to your dentist to have your tooth strengthened with a permanent filling or dental crown. After your root canal and crown, you'll be able to enjoy chewing and eating just as you were used to before your tooth infection.

What Happens If I Don't Get a Root Canal?

Unfortunately, a dental infection doesn't go away on its own. If your infected tooth is left untreated, it will cause further damage to the point where you will need a tooth extraction to protect your dental health.

If your tooth is feeling sensitive or painful, please don't delay in calling your team at King Dental. Dr. King is the dentist that patients trust for pain-free root canals in Huntsville, AL. We'll get you out of pain and feeling better in no time!

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