Do You Need An Extraction? These Signs Could Point To Yes

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Most dentists will go to great lengths to save a tooth from the point of extraction, but the reality is that sometimes pulling a tooth is the best option.

Even patients who take good care of their teeth might need an extraction.

There are a number of situations that point to the need to have a tooth pulled. Read on to see if one of these is a reason to visit your Huntsville dentist to find out more about tooth extractions.

Wisdom Teeth Extractions

Wisdom teeth are the final set of molars to come in—also called the third molars—and they usually do so around the ages of 16 to 27.

For some people, they grow in and there are no problems. For others, they cause many issues. Sometimes there isn’t enough room in the jaw for them to come in properly; this causes them to be impacted, meaning they don’t grow in all the way. This can not only be painful but it can risk the health of the adjacent teeth.

In many cases, pulling wisdom teeth is the best option. Whether the process is simple or requires a surgical procedure will depend on whether the teeth have fully erupted or not.

Other Tooth Extractions

As mentioned, saving a tooth is always a priority, but there are situations where even the best of intentions aren't enough.

Extraction is necessary when a tooth cannot be saved because it is so badly decayed or damaged. Protecting the remaining teeth is also important, so extraction might be necessary to keep them healthy. It often isn’t worth the risk of infection or damage to the rest of the teeth.

Tooth Extractions in Huntsville AL

If you have a troubled tooth that you think might need to be extracted, don’t wait. If all signs point to a tooth extraction, visit your Huntsville Dentist, Dr. David King at King Dental, to find out more.

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