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Are dentures right for me?

Making the decision to get dentures is emotional and very personal. If you are unsure of whether dentures are the right treatment option for you, Dr. David King can meet with you and help you decide.

If you are either missing all of your natural teeth or have many remaining natural teeth that are unhealthy and need to be extracted, you are likely a strong candidate for complete dentures. If you are only missing some of your natural teeth and still have a mouth full of healthy remaining teeth, partial dentures may be a better option for you.

Couple wearing dentures on golf course near Huntsville ALModern Full & Partial Dentures in Huntsville, AL 

Some of our Huntsville, AL patients have expressed concerns about the way complete or partial dentures may look and feel in their mouths. While there truly is no replacement that will be exactly like your natural teeth, dentures have come a long way since their initial design. The dentures we use at King Dental look more modern and fit much better than their predecessors from years past.

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If your lack of teeth is stopping you from eating, speaking, and living normally, it may be time to consider dentures. Our dental team will work with you to decide on a style and fit that works best for your smile. Every mouth is different, which means every set of dentures will also be different. Ready to begin your journey? Contact our Huntsville dental office today!

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