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How much does a dental filling cost?

The cost of a dental filling in Huntsville varies greatly depending on which tooth needs the filling, where the tooth decay is located, and what type of filling we use.

If you need a filling in a larger molar, it may be more expensive than a smaller filling in a canine tooth.

Here at King Dental, we focus primarily on using tooth-colored fillings to eliminate tooth decay and cavities. Our patients love that composite material blends seamlessly with their teeth and doesn't detract from their smiles. Composite fillings are durable and don't tend to break down the way metal fillings do over time. 

Tooth-Colored Vs Metal Fillings Cost

Tooth-colored fillings tend to cost a bit more than metal amalgam fillings, but the benefits usually outweigh the cost for most of our patients.

If Dr. King finds decay in your tooth, he will determine what size filling you need, and we'll review the exact cost of your treatment with you before having your fillings. If you have dental insurance, it may cover a portion of the cost of your fillings, which will decrease your out-of-pocket expense, and we'll review that with you as well, so there are no surprises.

Dental Fillings in Huntsville, AL

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