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What can I expect after undergoing a dental extraction?

If you have recently had a tooth extracted by our Huntsville, AL dental office, the first several days of recovery are crucial. During this time, the extraction site begins to heal. It is important that you follow all post-op instructions so your mouth has the best chance of recovering quickly and properly. Couple | Extractions in Huntsville

Treating Pain

Following a dental extraction, it is normal to experience mild pain and discomfort. The extraction site will typically be sore, especially if you had a large molar or wisdom tooth removed. We encourage over-the-counter pain relievers such as Ibuprofen and Advil to treat this pain. You may also feel a little tired or weak for a day or two after the extraction. Take it easy and get plenty of rest, avoiding intense exercise and any type of potential contact to your face.

Caring for the Site

As your body continues to work to heal itself, you will also need to follow a soft, gentle diet and keep the extraction site clean. For the first few days after the extraction, stick to soft foods such as soup, yogurt, ice cream, pudding, and smoothies. Don’t eat or drink through a straw, as straws can damage necessary blood clots in the extraction site. When you brush your teeth, avoid brushing the extraction site directly and instead use gentle strokes to clean the surrounding areas.

Follow-Up Questions

If you have questions or concerns about your post-op extraction, we are here to help! Call our office at (256) 880-1884 to speak with Dr. David King or a knowledgeable dental hygienist today.  


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