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Can your gums grow back after brushing too hard?

Unfortunately, your gums tissue does not regenerate or grow back if you brush too hard. Vigorous tooth brushing can cause gum recession, which may result in root exposure. An exposed root can be sensitive or even painful. Root exposure could also eventually lead to an exposed nerve that may need root canal treatment.

woman brushing her teethTooth Brushing Techniques

Brushing gently but effectively is the best way to remove the plaque buildup on your teeth, causing conditions like gum disease or tooth decay. If you're unsure if you're using proper brushing techniques, your dental hygienist is a good resource for a demonstration during your routine teeth cleaning.

You might also consider switching to an electric toothbrush, which does a lot of the hard work of brushing for you in a gentle but effective manner. An electric toothbrush also has a timer that helps ensure that you are brushing for the recommended two minutes. Using an electric toothbrush helps you comfortably remove the most plaque possible.

Visiting your dentist in Huntsville every six months for teeth cleanings and checkups will also help you avoid problems like gum disease, leading to gum recession and other damage to your smile.

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