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What happens if I don't have a root canal?

Receiving the news that you need root canal therapy is never great. However, if Dr. King has diagnosed a root canal for you, it is likely that your tooth has sustained trauma, a Woman smiling after root canal therapy in Huntsville ALfracture, or infection, and diseased tissue needs to be removed from inside your tooth to preserve it. It is also likely that you are in pain, and believe it or not, root canal therapy will relieve your discomfort. If you don't remove the infected tissue from your tooth, it can progress and spread to other areas of your body, neighboring teeth, and it will likely result in tooth loss.

Root Canals in Huntsville Are Not Painful

You might have heard in the past that root canals are painful. The truth is, Dr. King will numb your tooth with a dental anesthetic that is going to relieve your pain immediately. He has performed hundreds of root canals in Huntsville, AL, so you can rest assured that he is very gentle, highly skilled and that your procedure will proceed smoothly. 

It is normal to feel mild discomfort the first few days after your procedure, but it should be nothing as intense as the pain your infection caused. 

Dr. King will also recommend that you strengthen your tooth with a permanent filling or crown after it has healed to make sure that you can eat and chew with ease. Contact King Dental today if you have any additional questions about root canal therapy. 

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