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How can I maintain my smile’s brightness after whitening?

Close up of womans smile after professional teeth whitening in HuntsvilleOne of the easiest ways to maintain your smile’s brightness after undergoing teeth whitening with your Huntsville cosmetic dentist is to avoid returning to those habits that might have stained your teeth in the first place.

Beverages such as coffee, tea, and wine will eventually stain your teeth again. Other habits, such as smoking or using tobacco, can also cause stains. Staying away from these habits will help your teeth stay whiter longer.

If you don’t wish to skip your morning coffee or your evening glass of wine for the sake of your white teeth, be sure to practice good oral hygiene and brush and floss right after indulging in stain-causing foods and drinks. 

In-Office Teeth Whitening in Huntsville, AL

You can also follow up on your in-office teeth whitening treatment with at-home whitening care. We will give you custom trays that you can use regularly in the convenience of your own home. Whitening your teeth at home on a regular basis will help keep stains from forming on your teeth in the first place.

At King Dental, we don’t recommend over-the-counter whitening products. Although they are less expensive, they are not as effective as professional teeth whitening and they can even be damaging to your teeth. 

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