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Will my root canal hurt?

Dental Patient | root canal huntsville al Root canals are often thought of as a painful dental treatment, but the truth is that people are usually associating the pain of the condition that makes the root canal necessary with the treatment itself.

The Root Canal Procedure

Your comfort is one of our top priorities, and we will take all possible precautions to make sure that your treatment doesn’t hurt. Before we begin your procedure, we’ll make sure that you are completely numb. You may feel some pressure, but you shouldn’t experience any pain.

Finding an endodontist in Huntsville, AL

After your treatment, once the anesthetic has worn off, you may feel some discomfort, although this is still usually a huge improvement over the pain you were feeling before your treatment. This lingering discomfort is a result of the inflammation that occurs as your immune system tries to fight off the infection. Once your immune system gets the message that the infection is gone, you will feel much better. Dr. King can discuss pain control options if needed. Contact our office today to get started. 

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