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Should I worry about my dentures being too loose?

When you get a new set of dentures or even a partial denture, it can feel great because it helps you eat the foods you enjoy. Over time, however, it may seem like your denture feels loose or floppy, and it could even start shifting or falling out at embarrassing times. 

Your denture has not stretched out, so what does this mean?

How To Fix Loose Fitting Dentures

Set of partial dentures on model of teeth at King DentistryDenture fit can change over time with bone or weight loss. This can make them seem loose because the oral structures that hold them in place have changed. Using pastes or gels are really only a short-term solution to the problem and can be a real pain. If you have loose-fitting dentures and need help from a qualified dentist in Huntsville, AL, give us a call for a solution.

Denture adjustmentPartial dentures in Huntsville have wires that hold them in place. After months or years of chewing, those wires can distort and bend. We can adjust them for increased stability and comfort. We can also eliminate tight spots on complete dentures to prevent painful sores.

Denture reline – Your denture fit can be adjusted with a reline. This is sometimes done in our dental office, but occasionally we need to use a dental lab. We offer fast turnaround times to keep you from going without your teeth.

New dentures – Even the best dentures need to be replaced every 5 to 7 years or so. If you have dramatic changes in your health, it may need to happen sooner. Maintaining a healthy diet is essential to good overall health, so don’t put it off! 

Finding the Right Dentures in Huntsville, AL

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