What To Know If You Need A Dental Filling In Huntsville

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Your tooth has a cavity, and you need a dental filling. While it may not be the best news that you need dental treatment, there is a silver lining here, which is this: Your Huntsville dentist can fill your tooth with a durable and aesthetically pleasing tooth-colored filling. You won't have to live with a metal filling that you can see when you talk or laugh!

The Advantages of Tooth-Colored Fillings

Today's material of choice for dental fillings is called composite resin. Composite material is durable because your dentist bonds it directly to your tooth, which also preserves more of your natural tooth.

Composite resin is also beneficial because your dentist can customize it to match flawlessly with your tooth so it is not noticeable when you smile.

Another advantage that composite resin offers over metal fillings is that it doesn't react to the constantly changing temperature in your mouth. Metal expands and contracts due to temperature changes in the mouth. Over time, this causes your filling to pull away from your tooth, which makes it susceptible to bacteria reentering your tooth and causing damage again.

What to Expect From Your Tooth Filling in Huntsville

When you receive your dental filling, it is a straightforward process. Your dentist will ensure that your tooth and the surrounding area around it are numb, and then they will remove the decayed areas of your tooth and apply the composite resin material. Then it is cured and bonded with a special light. Finally, your dentist will smooth and polish your tooth so your filling blends seamlessly.

Taking Care of Your Tooth-Colored Filling

Luckily, a tooth-colored filling requires no special care. You'll be able to brush and floss with ease and enjoy the aesthetics of your new smile.

Regular checkups with your Huntsville dentist will ensure that your filling is healthy and functioning well for you. With proper home care and regular checkups, your tooth-colored filling can last for many years.

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