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Damaged and missing teeth can be a real headache.

Not only do they look bad, but they can also cause pain and make enjoying your favorite foods more challenging. Many patients who come to us also report that having damaged teeth affects their self-esteem and self-confidence.

It’s no secret that our society values a complete and healthy smile, and damaged teeth carry a painful and unfair stigma. You might even find yourself missing out on career and social opportunities.

No matter what brought you to King Dental, we’re here to help you have a healthy smile that you are proud to show off. By combining high-tech treatments with a homey atmosphere, we make it easy for you to feel confident and comfortable talking about your concerns with us so we can come up with the right solution for you.

  • Restoring Your Teeth Is Critical for Your Oral Health
  • Dental Crowns to Protect and Restore Damaged Teeth
  • One-Visit CEREC Dental Crowns
  • Dental Bridges to Replace Missing Teeth
  • The Dental Crown and Bridge Procedure
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Restoring Your Teeth Is Critical for Your Oral Health

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Not only does a missing or broken tooth change the landscape of your smile, but it can also negatively impact your dental well-being.

Often when a tooth cracks, it tends to be painful when chewing or biting down on it. This can change what a patient decides to eat or how they transfer food to the other side of the mouth to avoid touching the broken molar. If you are always in pain or oral distress, you might find that your diet and nutrition are affected.

Every tooth has a job and a role to play, so when one is gone, the other teeth start to overwork themselves to make up for their missing neighbor. This can cause them to weaken, fracture, or crack. They will also start to shift towards the gap left by the missing tooth, which can change your bite and can even live to further tooth loss.

Dr. David King’s approach to personalized patient care and restorative dentistry will reinstate our patient’s proper bite and dental stability—and look natural as a benefit. Patients who choose to get a dental crown to fix minor smile flaws can also benefit from the strength and protection it provides.

In both cosmetic and restorative dentistry, the goal is long-term durability and stability coupled with beauty and symmetry. Many patients can enjoy a return to a painless bite, along with restored confidence.

Dental Crowns to Protect and Restore Damaged Teeth

Dental crowns are one of the most versatile tooth replacement options we offer our patients. Essentially, a crown (or “cap” as they are sometimes known) is a cover that fits over the entire tooth, all the way down to the gumline. Its design allows it to protect your damaged tooth entirely.

At King Dental, we can craft crowns right here in our office using dental-grade ceramic, a material that almost perfectly mimics your natural enamel. This helps your crowned tooth to blend in with the rest of your dentistry for a seamless appearance. In most cases, your dental crown can be ready in a single visit!

Dr. King may recommend a dental crown for the following reasons:

  • For a tooth that is damaged or decayed beyond what a filling can repair
  • To restore a tooth that has lost an old, large dental filling
  • To restore a tooth that has been weakened by trauma or injury
  • To strengthen a tooth worn down by grinding
  • To conceal a misshapen or missized tooth
  • To improve the appearance of crooked teeth
  • As a single tooth replacement for a dental implant
  • For cosmetic purposes to restore a damaged or discolored tooth
  • To strengthen a tooth treated with root canal therapy

One-Visit CEREC Dental Crowns

Dentistry is more straightforward and accessible now more than ever. In the past, dental crown placement would take two or more dental visits to prepare your tooth, attach a temporary dental crown, and wait for the dental lab to craft your permanent tooth crown.

In our modern age, we can design and fabricate your dental crown right here in the comfort of our warm and welcoming dental office, while you wait, through the use of CEREC.

CEREC uses computer-aided design and manufacturing (CAD/CAM) to construct your long-term dental crown using Dr. King’s precise mapping and specifications. During your dental crown visit, we will take digital impressions of your tooth and prepare it. Our CEREC computer software will use this digital information to mill the tooth crown.

Once the process is complete, Dr. King will ensure the fit is perfect and make any necessary adjustments. Once he is satisfied, he will bond the dental crown in place. We can skip the entire temporary dental crown process, along with waiting for one to two weeks.

Dental Bridges to Replace Missing Teeth in Huntsville

If you are missing one or multiple teeth, you might be wondering about your tooth restoration options.

At our Huntsville dental office, we offer several different options to replace missing teeth. One option that we’ve relied on for many years is a dental bridge. This practical and affordable solution uses an artificial tooth to “bridge the gap” between existing teeth. The artificial tooth (or pontic) is held in place using dental crowns that are placed over the adjacent teeth.

Thanks to advancements in dental lab technology, today’s bridges, like dental crowns, are designed to fit securely and blend in with your existing dentistry. Our goal is always to have people notice your attractive smile and not your dental work!

Huntsville restorative dentist, Dr. King, may recommend an implant-supported dental bridge, so patients don’t have to worry about the slippage or falling out. Dental implants are secured to the jaw bone and are anchors for the dental bridge.

Implants provide additional support for the dental bridge since they attach to the jaw bone. Additionally, they replace the tooth root, which stimulates bone growth and keeps surrounding teeth happy and healthy.

During your dental bridge appointment with Dr. King, we will determine which type of dental bridge is the best option for your lifestyle, smile goals, and budget.

The Dental Crown and Bridge Procedure

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The procedure for a traditional dental bridge and dental crown typically requires two separate dental appointments. If a dental implant is part of the bridge, it can take longer to allow the implant to fuse and integrate with the jaw bone.

At King Dental, we can offer quicker dental prosthetics with an in-house milling machine. Instead of waiting one or two weeks for a dental crown or bridge, patients can relax in our dental office while we wait for the tooth crown or bridge to fabricate. Once the fabrication is complete, Dr. King will make sure that the fit is perfect and comfortable.

Once we are satisfied with your new tooth crown or bridge, you can start enjoying your strong and durable new smile.

Call for Your Dental Appointment in the 35801 Area

Are you tired of dealing with the physical and emotional discomfort of damaged and missing teeth? Call to schedule your consultation with Dr. King and learn about all the options that are available to you.

We also provide information on why dental crowns are needed.


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