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Dental Implants in Huntsville AL

At King Dental, we understand your frustration. When you have a missing tooth (or missing teeth), you don’t feel much like smiling. You probably feel self-conscious and hide your teeth when you laugh. You likely find chewing some of your favorite foods difficult. Maybe you beg off social engagements. 

Missing teeth can change the way you feel emotionally, influence your dietary choices, and change the way you speak. In some cases, you may even be missing out on career opportunities. It's true! When you don't feel confident, going after promotions is not always easy.

Don't let your smile hold you back any longer. Dr. King, our skilled Huntsville cosmetic dentist, is here to help you restore your smile and take charge of your life.

If you’re interested in reclaiming your smile and well-being with dental implants, contact King Dental today at (256) 880-1884 to schedule a comprehensive dental implant consultation with our cosmetic dentist. For convenience, you can also schedule online.

Why do dentists suggest dental implants to patients in Huntsville AL?

A dental implant is simply the most life-like restoration available for a missing tooth. Dr. King often suggests a dental implant in our Huntsville dental office because he wants you to have the most realistic looking and longest lasting smile possible.

With a dental implant, you restore your smile, your self-confidence, and your dietary choices. Additionally, a dental implant keeps existing teeth from shifting into your empty tooth socket. When this happens, you can experience bite misalignment and, eventually, further tooth loss.

Because a dental implant is a permanent solution, it is the type of restoration that doesn’t require special care. It never shifts, it’s not removable, and it doesn’t require adhesives.

Dr. King wants to help his patients make the best choice for their smiles!

What is a dental implant?

Dental implants are small titanium posts surgically implanted in your jaw, and titanium has been used in orthopedic and dental surgeries for decades. Dentists choose titanium because the alloy is safe and readily accepted by the body.

Your titanium post (dental implant) will host your replacement tooth crown.

How do I know if a dental implant is right for me?

Dr. King will thoroughly assess your oral health and overall physical condition. Dental implants may not be right for you if you have significant bone loss or specific health issues. In some cases, bone grafting may be required to build up your jawbone to better support a dental implant.

Most of the time, if you’re in good health, you are probably a good candidate for a dental implant.


What is the dental implant process?

The first step after determining that dental implants are right for you is Implant placement that's done through a simple surgical procedure at our dental office using 3-D technology to ensure precise and accurate placement of your dental implant.

Next, we give your implant time to heal and integrate with your bone. This process takes around three to six months, and it is known as osseointegration.

Dr. King will complete and place your restoration after healing, and you will enjoy the function and aesthetics of a new tooth that closely mimics your own.

Imagine laughing again! With your new implant, eating your favorite foods will be easy. With your confidence restored, you may find career advancement waiting for you. With a beautiful new dental implant, you will enter the next phase of your life smiling!

Do you do the work in your office?

Several dentists send patients to a specialist at a different location to have comprehensive dental work performed. At King Dental, our skilled dentist will  place your implant right here in our Huntsville, AL dental office.

Dr. King uses advanced technology to create precise images of your mouth. He can even accurately predict what your smile will look like following dental implants.

Our success rate with dental implant placement is simply too high to send you anywhere else!

Further, we believe that having your dental implants completed in the same office leaves no room for error or miscommunication between dental offices.

Dr. King and our caring team will see you through the process from start to finish. No need to travel away from our cozy and relaxing Huntsville, AL dental office to restore your smile with dental implants!

Do dental implants hurt?

Dr. King surgically implants your titanium post in our Huntsville, AL dental office. Throughout the process, your mouth will be numb. Further, we can provide instructions or medications to keep you comfortable at home.

Dental implant surgery is not particularly painful. Most patients compare implant surgery discomfort as being similar to what is experienced following other common orthodontic procedures.

At King Dental, we always take the necessary measures to ensure you’re comfortable during all dental procedures. The minor swelling or discomfort you experience following dental implants lasts only a day or two, and we are always available following your implant surgery if you have questions or need additional help with pain.

Will my dental implant look real?

Dental implants are incredibly life-like. There is no better tooth replacement available today, and our Huntsville dental patients rave about them.

Not only will your dental implant look like a natural tooth, but it will also function like one. Your dental implant will change the way you smile, the way you laugh, and even the foods you choose to eat. More importantly, your dental implant will give you the beautiful smile that you deserve.

Additionally, your dental implant will be the same shape and hue as surrounding teeth. No one will ever know that it’s a dental implant.

Will my dental implant feel real?

If you brush your tongue across your dental implant, it will feel like a natural and healthy tooth. This is one of the reasons why dental implants are so popular and so often recommended by dentists. They look real, and they feel real.

You’ll not be able to find your implant post with your tongue or finger. This post has replaced the root of your tooth, and it remains below the gumline.


If I have multiple missing teeth will dental implants still help?

If you are missing multiple teeth, all of your teeth, or your teeth are severely damaged, Dr. King may suggest a few strategically placed dental implants to support a bridge or denture of new restorations.

If you decide to go with a full-implant denture, you will have to have any remaining teeth extracted. We will keep you relaxed and comfortable during the extraction process.

Remember, a few titanium dental implant posts are strong enough to support a full denture or a bridge, and the results equal a beautiful and natural-looking new smile.

How do I care for my dental implant?

Outside of being the best tooth replacement option available, dental implants require no fuss. You treat them like natural teeth, brushing and flossing twice per day. It’s also important to see our dentist regularly and come into our Huntsville, AL dental office twice per year for teeth cleanings.

Dental implants cannot decay, but your gums can become infected or recede without proper dental care. You may also experience bone loss without regular dental cleanings due to periodontal disease, resulting in a dental implant failing.

Dr. King and our hygienist will monitor your implants closely, which requires regular dental visits.

How long will my dental implant last?

Dental implants are meant to last a lifetime, and with proper care, they almost always do. However, the implant crown may need to be replaced at some point due to wear or fracture.

At King Dental, we tell our patients that the better they take care of their implant crown, the longer it will last.

Dental Implants in Huntsville, AL

This means regular brushing and flossing, visiting our Huntsville, AL dental office routinely, and never skipping six-month dental cleanings.

The same recommendations for care that apply to natural teeth also apply to your dental implant. And our recommendations for a minimum of twice-yearly cleanings and dental checkups fall in line with guidelines put forward by the American Dental Association.