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Dentures in Huntsville AL

Is It Time to Consider Dentures?

You probably have a lot of mixed feelings right now. We want you to know that we understand your concerns, and we also want to reassure you that denture technology has improved considerably over the last decade or so.

Modern dentures are so much more comfortable and secure than they were in years past, and better yet, denture aesthetics are also impressive, which makes them a very popular dental treatment. There's a good chance that you already know someone who wears dentures and you don’t even realize it!


Are Dentures or Partials Right for Me?

Do you need dentures or partials? If you are missing several teeth but your remaining teeth are healthy, we may recommend partials. Partial dentures use replacement teeth to fill in the gaps in your smile. These teeth are attached to a metal framework that fits around your other teeth and is held in place with clasps.

If you are completely edentulous (missing all your teeth) or your remaining teeth are unhealthy, we will recommend complete dentures.

Today’s Aesthetic and Comfortable Modern Dentures

We have so many more options today when it comes to modern dentures. Dentures are designed to more precisely match the contours of your mouth so that they fit more comfortably and are less likely to lead to sore spots. This improved shape also helps them fit more securely.

If you are still worried about potential slips and slides, we can discuss the possibility of implant-retained dentures. This advancement combines the security and permanence of dental implants with the convenience and affordability of dentures. We place a few implants in specific locations and fit them with a clasp. A matching clasp is added to your dentures, allowing them to snap right into place.

The lab we trust with our restorations will make your dentures based on Dr. King’s precise instructions. We’ll take impressions and photos of your mouth, and your new teeth will be individually crafted and placed into the prosthetic to allow for the variation that occurs naturally. This helps to give your dentures a more lifelike appearance. Your new teeth will also be shaded so that they complement your complexion and skin tone.

Our goal is to create dentures that look good and fit well so that you can enjoy your life free from hassle.


Caring for Dentures in the Huntsville Area

Dentures do require a little extra care to keep them in good shape, but with an appropriate home-care routine and regular visits to our office, you can extend the life of your dentures and keep them looking and feeling great.

You should clean your dentures at least once a day with a cleanser and brush made specifically for dentures. Regular toothpaste and toothbrushes are often too abrasive for dentures and may scratch the finish. This can lead to stains and a dull appearance. Routine cleaning keeps your dentures bacteria-free so you can avoid sores and bad breath.

Take care to not drop your dentures, but if they do happen to fall, please bring them to us so we can check for damage. Sometimes the damage isn’t immediately apparent, but even damage you can’t easily see can change the fit of your dentures, which can lead to discomfort and sore spots.

Continue to visit our office regularly so that we can check the fit of your dentures as well as your gum health.

Quality Dentures Near You in Huntsville, AL

If it’s time for dentures, you don’t have to be embarrassed. Millions of Americans wear dentures as a dependable tooth replacement option, and we’ll make sure that you can once again have a smile you are proud to show off. Call today to schedule your consultation with Huntsville dentist Dr. David King.