CEREC Same-Day Crowns

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Biting into a piece of candy or accidentally hitting a tooth can cause chips, cracks, or breaks in a tooth. A deep cavity or split also damages the integrity of a tooth. In these cases, a dental crown may be the best solution to repair your smile.

Do you remember when getting a crown meant multiple trips to the dentist? Ill-fitting trays filled to the rim with goop that sticks to your teeth, lips, and chin? Say goodbye to all of that! Same-day crowns near me? King Dentistry offers same-day CEREC crowns in the Huntsville, AL, area.

Need a crown? Don’t frown! Dr. King takes the stress out of dentistry. Let’s return your frown to a smile in just one day.

At King Dental, we truly believe in our motto, "Modern Technology meets Southern Hospitality."

Why Do I Need a Crown?

A chipped, cracked, or damaged tooth can cause more than what you see in the mirror. An exposed root can cause pain, reduce the ability to chew, cause an infection, or even losing an entire tooth.

While removing a tooth might seem easier, a crown provides many benefits. A pulled tooth leaves a gap and will cause the remaining teeth to shift. Depending on where the tooth is, extraction could alter the cosmetic appearance of your smile. When you have a tooth pulled, the roots are removed and affect the support of the surrounding bone. An extraction causes the bone to collapse inward and advances the aging process.

It is always best to try and save natural teeth, even damaged or broken teeth. A crown caps the damaged tooth, protecting your health and your smile, and it is a permanent way to correct needed dental damage.

A crown is not only for emergencies; it can also be attached to an existing bridge, protect weak teeth from breaking, restore a tooth, or fix unsightly, misshapen teeth.

Regular Crown vs. a CEREC Crown

A typical crown usually takes several weeks and multiple appointments, beginning with taking an impression with messy, taffy-like material. This mold enables the dentist to make a temporary crown.

The impressions go through a curing, or hardening, process and then shipped to another facility, where a permanent crown is made. Once the crown is delivered back to the dentist, you’ll schedule a third appointment to seat the repair. There is no guarantee that the tooth will fit perfectly, and additional sessions may be required if the tooth rubs or causes discomfort.

A CEREC crown can be completed in one day, one visit. Yes, a same-day crown to return your smile to its beautiful, beaming glory.

Are you wondering, “Where can I get same-day crowns near me?” If you’re looking for CEREC, Huntsville has an office for you.

How Is a CEREC Crown Made?

Have you ever seen a 3-D printer? Proprietary CEREC software and specialized digital camera photographs capture images of your mouth and the damaged tooth. The dentist or technician then creates a digital model of the damaged tooth.

The digital model method is superior to the traditional impression of making a crown. With digital imaging, incredibly precise measurements of the damaged tooth are obtained, ensuring that the crown will fit properly.


Once there’s a captured image, the specialized 3-D machine creates and mills a new ceramic tooth or crown. Dr. King will set the crown over the damaged or broken tooth to ensure proper alignment and color. The entire crown surface is polished, and any rough edges are polished away.

Dr. King will again test the fit of your crown and make any necessary minor adjustments. Once these steps are complete and he is satisfied that the tooth blends with your smile, it’s time to secure the replacement. The crown will be held in place permanently with special dental cement.

The entire process, from start to finish, takes roughly fifteen minutes. Yes, approximately fifteen minutes.

Restore Your Smile in Only One Day

No more searching the internet for crowns near me or crowns in one day, trying to determine if the distance is too far, or wondering if it really will take only one appointment.

King Dentistry offers same-day Cerec Huntsville crowns in our clean, friendly, and caring office in Huntsville.

  • Digital Mapping - no more sticky, messy impressions
  • Permanent - No more temporary crowns that could fall out or you could accidentally swallow
  • One Single Visit - No more missing work, school, or rearranging your schedule. CEREC Huntsville crowns are done in-house in one day.

Walk in with a frown, walk out with a grin.