3 Signs You May Need A Root Canal

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You're enjoying your favorite dessert out with your family – ice cream!

What's not to love about ice cream, except that it's causing that familiar twinge in your tooth you sometimes get. The more alarming part is that this time, the twinge is not subsiding like it usually does. Nothing ruins your favorite treat faster than a painful tooth!

Sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures that doesn't go away is only one sign that your tooth may be infected and might need a root canal. Here are some other signs to be aware of.

#1: Pain or Tenderness When Chewing

While zinging sensitivity is one tell-tale sign of a tooth infection, you might also experience tenderness or pain when biting or chewing your food. This sign is often easy to ignore in its early stages when the pain subsides quickly; however, if your tooth is infected, you may begin to experience constant pain that keeps you from focusing on tasks or from sleeping soundly at night.

#2: Swelling of Your Face or Gums

A tooth infection can also cause the gums around your tooth or your face to swell. You might also notice a white bump or pimple on your gums around the infected tooth.

#3: Tooth Discoloration

An infected tooth may become darker or discolored. This happens when bacteria and decay reach the nerve of your tooth. This is the cause of your discomfort, and you may need root canal treatment to remove the diseased tissue from inside your tooth, which will also preserve your natural tooth structure.

Will a Root Canal Hurt?

Root canals are often wrongfully associated with pain because of the infection that causes this type of treatment. A root canal actually relieves your discomfort when your dentist removes the infected tissue from inside your tooth. Better yet, the anesthetic your dentist in Huntsville uses to numb your tooth will also immediately relieve your pain.

If you or a loved one is experiencing pain or discomfort that's not resolving on its own, contact King Dental right away at (256) 880-1884 for prompt emergency dentistry in Huntsville, AL.

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