Watch Out For Foods And Drinks That Stain Your Teeth

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If your smile has lost a bit of its sparkle, teeth whitening in Huntsville, AL can help you get the bright pearly whites you want and deserve.

When you're considering investing your time, money, and energy in brightening your smile, you want to do what you can to protect it. One of the ways your smile can lose its luster is when you consume certain foods and beverages. Here are a few to be aware of.

Foods that Stain Your Teeth

Highly acidic foods and beverages like coffee, black tea, and marinara sauce can leave teeth looking dull and discolored. Fruits like raspberries, blackberries, and blueberries tend to cause staining, as does red wine.

Curries and soy sauce can also leave their mark on your teeth, while dark cola can stain and eat away at tooth enamel.

Now, we may have listed some of your favorite foods and beverages here, and you don't have to completely avoid them altogether. However, being aware of their tooth-staining abilities can help you remember to brush or rinse your mouth after you enjoy them, or drink water as well while you're sipping your red wine. You might also consider using a straw when you are drinking tooth-staining beverages sodas or tea to protect your teeth from discoloration. 

ZOOM! Teeth Whitening in Huntsville, AL

At King Dental, we use ZOOM! teeth whitening, which utilizes hydrogen peroxide to lighten your teeth. In-office bleaching treatment with ZOOM! can help you achieve immediate results, while a take-home kit gives you brighter teeth in the comfort of your own home.

Whether you need quick results for an upcoming wedding or another big event, or you're more comfortable whitening your teeth on your own time, King Dental can help you achieve the whiter, brighter smile you want.

Contact our Huntsville dental office today at (256) 880-1884 to schedule a tooth-whitening evaluation with Dr. King.

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